How would you act if school education is the most valued formal education?

As ‘Learning how to know’ replaces ‘Knowing’ as THE educational goal, school years take centre stage!

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However, ‘Learning how to know’ can’t be taught, it takes a learner to help someone become a learner (through personal role-modeling). ONLY YOU, the parent, can work upon self (for the sake of your children) to be that model learner.

The context of Family College

Is it even possible that school education is the more valuable, impactful stage of the formal education system? This is very significant, it would change everything.

  • Elementary school is where one can 'learn to learn'
  • School is the default institution to secure 'academic-level competence' in the language used for academics
  • Primary school is where one can learn math as a language
  • Elementary school is where art/music/sport etc. root in
  • It's competency-based higher education - apprentice and self-learn

Fortunately, quality of parenting, mostly irrespective of parental socio-economic and educational background, is a far bigger influence on educational outcomes in schools. Commitment is all that matters. There was never a better time to reap best outcomes from committed parenting.

'Learning how to know' versus Knowing

A very interesting phenomenon is unfolding - the 'percentage' of public knowledge of the 'total knowledge' is steadily moving towards 100%! Internet has changed it all. And this has unprecedented implications for each one of us - 'private knowledge' (things best known to self) is very hard to own/create; but private knowledge is what's valuable for professional success.

Textbook knowledge

It's 100% useless in every respect - it's public knowledge and it's very limited and discreet to be useful to learn more.

Private knowledge

It's insights and personal experiences that are not 'searchable' over the web, yet it is transferable as resource, process

Creating private knowledge

The skills and knowledge to sift the public knowledge with passion, focus, and application to specific conditions

Training in creation

This is THE challenge in education; GOOD parents will train their children to be learners, as they 'learn to learn' themselves.

How would you act if school education is the most valued formal education?

As ‘Learning how to know’ replaces ‘Knowing’ as THE educational goal, school years take centre stage!

‘Learning how to know’ can’t be taught, it can only be nurtured through personal role-modeling. ONLY YOU, the parent, can make it happen.

The founder

Sandeep may be the world’s most impactful educator. For relevant evidence, in one of its kind home-schooling he, with his wife, taught their only child till Grade XII (CIE A level, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Economics). In what’s definitely world’s first, all Math, Science, Social science/EVS ‘text books’ from Pre-school to Grade X are written by him and his wife. In another path-breaking innovation, he conceived and now nurtures world’s first next-gen schools – schools run by (highly educated) parents for their own children.His latest creation is ‘Globalmathmission’ which aims to create ‘7 billion math lovers by 2030’. It is the most ambitious developmental initiative in the history of humanity - to reach and influence every living person.For the record, he’s educated at the best engineering and management institutions at home and abroad, and worked with global corporations within and outside India. He is also the founder of IYC World, a company which provides ERP solutions to many prestigious schools in India and the Middle- East like DPS Dubai, DPS Sharjah etc.

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